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The DCB works on the development of own software applications and provides a complex solutions, in particular in the following spheres:

Pension funds

The complex solution of the information system for the administration and management of pension funds which comprises the administrative application of the Alfa system, intelligent Internet information portal PF Online and the application for the support of a fast and effective decision and management.

Public administration

The solution comprises in particular the decision support system or the application of the Data Warehouse technology for specific client´s needs (Czech army, Centre of securities).

Health services

A complex medical and administrative system for the health care management in the Internet environment. The part of this solution is a basic recording system (the information system for physicians and patients including the administration of documents), a virtual insurance company working in the Internet environment and an information portal of the second generation for the access to medical information.

Insurance industry

The solution is based on three pillars - an information system of the insurance company, decision support system and tools for advanced prediction modelling over large-capacity data store.

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